2003-01-09 23:12:34 (UTC)

To My Love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Six months has passed, and I am just thinking about how far
this is actually going to go. me personally want it to keep
going and never end. I always want you there by my side to
hold my hand and guide me to where I need to go. I do know
you can't always be there for me but I wish you could. I
know you have friends to hang out with and other things to
do, and I guess I have gotten used to you being around, and
now I need to get used to you not being around all the
time. I am very happy that we have been with each other for
six months and I hope that you want to be with me, but
sometimes I wonder because I know I hurt you a lot. I know
your thinking right now that I dont hurt you, but I can see
it in your eyes and face and it hurts me also, like last
night. I never know what to say remember I am stupid, and I
am trying to make this work because I do love you, but I
know you dont think so but I do, and I just wish I could
prove that to you that I do. just wait till the end of the
month and maybe then there will be no doubt in your mind. I
can only do so much, and I am just thinking that I am not
doing enough to keep you happy and from not making you hurt
all the time. but I dont want you to begin thinking that I
am cheating on you or that I dont want to be with you
because I do and always will and I am not going to break up
with you even if you hurt me because I hurt you all the
time. and dont you even say that I dont hurt you because I
can see it. I just wish that I could make you happy, but
just hang in there, good things will come as long as you
dont break up with me before the end of the month, I am
hoping that maybe then you will be happy. well I guess I
will talk to you later
Love and Miss You
Love Jennifer

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