Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-01-09 23:08:23 (UTC)

trying it agian

hello people,
this is my second attempt at this...well the 1st wasn't
an attemp i had on intry then forgot about it. i tryed out
a diary on some other web site but if fucking sux ass cause
it kept deleteing me cause i use unapropriate words. thats
another thing u will learn. i can't spell worth crap..kinda
mine own ebonics i got here. well, things have changed for
me. there is someone big in my life now. someone who i can
honestly say that i LOVE. lindsey now is my life, w/out her
i wouldn't be compeled to do anything at all. i wouldn't be
have the guitar player thaat i am today(although i aint a
good one anyways). Lindsey i do honestly love u. Also i
have entered the fasinating "punk rock" world. yeap. i am
proud to be part of the passive aggressive sport some
people call "punk rock" (my life phelosify). well it's
really more of a mutatied retart version of grounge. i am
getting tired of the same old power cords of blink 182. get
boring after listening to the same shit over and over. i
realized last night while slipping into sleep that music is
alot more than that. resently being turned on to the most
kick ass band that there is, Thrice (seriously people yall
need to download some of there songs and buy there album
"The illusion of safty" it kicks ass).
and resently coming on more to NIRVANA, also buy there
new cd, David Fricke's writings of Kurt Cobains life is
plenty enough on it's own, seriously he is one of the best
writers i have heard of. i will quote something for a
paragraph in this book.
"There was no need for more. "You Know Your Right" was
a perfect storm, consummated w/ prophetic urgency and-
though it seems crazy and cruel to say it now- something
that sounds alot like joy, the kind you get when a band has
its whipped-raw back agianst a wall but planty more FUCK
YOU left, ready to fly. You cold drown in the black rains
of distortion and sarcasim:'Things have never been so
swell/and i have never been so well.' We know now that
everything was wrong and getting worse."
now tell me if that doesn't move u somehow? Kurt cobain
was music, he lived and breathed it. He was an artist who
loved music, who knew the history of rock, and who was
determined to define his place in that history. Here is a
mesmerizing, incomparable portrait of the most influential
musicain of his time.
i will leave w/ this quote from David Fricke talking
about the new NIRVANA cd. "This is the world Kurt Cobain
built for himself, when the real world was not enough.
Listen agian if you think you know it; listen loud if you
don't know it yet.....then build your own"