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2003-01-09 23:01:21 (UTC)

"My Life"

As some people say I have an excellent life, but I really
don't think so. My life is full of heart ache, and misery.
and others may say you have a wonderful boyfriend what more
do you want? well my answer would be of course I have a
wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me, but my home
life sucks. Except for the fact that I have my boyfriend
here 24/7, and thats the only reason I am still here today.
to tell you the honest truth I hate living here and I think
the only reason why my mom is allowing him to stay here is
because she doesnt want me moving out and she knows thats
what I really want to do, and am planning. Other wise I
have three spoiled brat siblings who never have to do
anything, especially my younger sister. I come home from
school have tons of homework and have to cook and prepare
dinner, do the dishes and a bunch of other chores and they
come home at 4 play outside till 7 then come in do their
homework till 9 then go to bed, and get up at 7 in the
morning. But I get to do chores till 6 then have to do
homework till like 11 then eat and shower and everything
else till about 1 am and then get in bed about 1:30 am and
have to be up by 5:30 am, and people wonder why I am so
cranky all the time? well thats all I have to say about my
not so "excellent" life.
Jennifer aka Jr's Fairy