I am Queen Servos
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2001-09-09 02:31:23 (UTC)


God came down to me today. He does this sometimes.

"Say... why do you come visit me God?" I finally blurted

"Because I like to remind myself of how everything is
special, as disgusting as it may be"he replied behind his
sunglasses. (The glare from my bald head bothers even HIS
divine eyes)

"Special but disgusting? How could that be?" I said.

"Well yes, just like you are my .. ugh.. child" said God.

"Oh!!" I said, " Is there anything else on this planet that
is like me, disgusting but special?"

"Sure" he said, and seeing that my slow mind needed to
actual EXPERIENCE an example of this he leaned to his side
and pointing at his ass said "Come hither my child and meet
your equal" So I answered his beckoning and leaned in to
his hignesses heiny where he directed me.

"Here then, is your peer, something that is smelly like
you, rude, obnoxious, kind of embarrassing and yet a relief
once you get it off your ass" THen all I heard was

I am happy. For today I met my brother and his name is

(Necessary note: for non-greeks Pritz is the sound greeks make for
farting, so if you didn't laugh then um.. learn some greek you
cultureless fucks)

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