Finding my Light
2001-09-09 02:03:06 (UTC)

Piece and Quiet

Finally I've had time to rest! My god school shoulnd't
be this stressful the first two weeks! Well anyways I
guess I should bring you all up to speed. Well school (as
in grades) is doing well. I just HATE my spanish class.
Sorry to all those who speak spanish as a first language,
but I hate the language now. We're in America and
Americans speak english! My collage course is going great
though! I'm acing it with ease.
At school though there's this one girl named Holly and
it's really sad, but hardly anyone likes her. Hell, I
don't like her either! I've known her for a little over a
year and I have to say that she is one of the most
stupidest people I have ever met! But I won't go into too
much detail on that now. Maybe later.
Next week I'll be in Lake Havasue, Arizona. I'm happy
because I'm going to see my grandmother whom is turning
seventy-one, but also I don't really want to be there. All
my friends out there are having way too much drama that I
just don't want to be apart of it. So when I get there I'm
not going to call any of them. I'm just going to spend a
quiet weekend with my loving grandmother and spend as much
time as i can with her.
Yesterday night was a hard night for me and yet I still had fun.
You see my best friend, Lindsay, has been going down this negative
road and she's always negative about everything. When she told me
that she was going to a football game I had hope that she was
actually going to try have a good time. Boy I was dead wrong! The
whole time we were there she kept on saying how much she hated school
and how much she hated cheerleaders. The other girl, named Olivia,
was no help either. I'm sorry I don't care much for cheerleaders
also, but I don't bad mouth them all the time and don't give them a
chance to become friends with me!
I personally had a great time at the football game even though my
school wasn't playing. I try to make the best out of a bad
situation. I was happy to see my friends who didn't go to my school
and just plain love going to football games. I saw a bunch of my
friends that I hadn't seen for years and chatted away with each one
of them. I saw my buds Chris, Victor, David, Daniel, and even Chad
who I use to date, but don't anymore. Don't ask why. I'm still
wondering what happened.
I felt sorry for Lindsay though. She didn't even try to
have fun. I was she wasn't like this. She never was until not to
long ago. I don't know what to do. Our friendship is hurting
because of this.