Think what I think...
2003-01-09 22:06:09 (UTC)

School sucks

I hate school. Endless amounts of homework, stupid people
that think they're "cool", and crazy ladies with knives.
Seeing as how you decided to stop by and read what I have
to say, I might as well divulge.

Homework- form of torture used to make children do SCHOOL
work at HOME. Or something like that... Why do teachers
feel they should bombard kids with endless amounts so that
they can't possibly do anything else but said homework?
What I have to do tonight that probably won't get done:
1)Make 70 questions over 2 chapters in my gov't book
2)Do section questions for said chapters
3)Math problems scattered across 6-7 pages
4)Booknotes on a chapter in my science book
5)Worksheet dealing with notes metioned before
Crazy? Yes. Possible? Probably not. I should actually be
doing that now instead of writing this but, considering the
fact that I probably won't get done tonight, I suppose it
can wait another 20 min.

One thing that I have to endure every day is stupid people
that thin they're someone better. One example is one person
that thinks he's a "thug" or a "ganster". I'm sure you all
know him if you go to Southeast. He's a white boy, wannabe
rapper, Eminem look-alike. Now, I'm not the kind of person
that likes to judge people but this has to be said.
Normally he is nice to me and talks to me but when he is
around his "posse" or other people, he tries to act tough
and be the complete opposite. It's so annoying.

Anyways, today some crazy lady came to school with a knife!
She was sombodys mom and she tried to hurt this one person.
It happened during the last hour of the day and by the end
of the day, EVERYBODY knew about it. Nobody was hurt and
everything is good.

Yes, school sucks but there's a couple thing that make it
worthwhile. The most important reason for me is that it's
one of the only times I get to see Laura (my girlfriend)
during the week. That is the biggest reason to me. Well, I
should really get to that homework now. Wish me luck!