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2001-09-09 01:32:49 (UTC)

Still working on it, but I'm getting there

OMG! Today, I went to the fair and Shannon got to go!
[email protected], the last time I wrote was August 8th. That was like
a month ago. Anywayz....Shannon is sooooo sweet! I have
never had a guy be so crazy over me! OK, enough about Shannon
(lol!) Well, I am like 85% over Zack. I'm not quite there,
but I'm closer than I thought I would be, and the good news
is, I'm getting closer and closer every day. Zack and I
still talk a little bit on the phone, but not all that
much. Just like once a week or something. We are pretty
good friends, but not really close.
Well, I better go because I'm not even supposed to be on
the computer.
~*Shannon's Gurl*~

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