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2003-01-09 21:24:34 (UTC)

Nothing much happening

Wow. I read my last rant and I must say I sound pathetic
but whatever. Earth Sciences today-fun and really
interesting, I think I'll take more geology courses next
year as well. Only 4 months until exams!! And freedom of
course! Which means road trip with Her. And I get to
spend the entire weekend with Her so that's all fun and
exciting. English we were talking about homosexuality that all she can think/talk about??!! I think
she's a dyke but I know she has a son (which means
nothing, but it does make it more probable for her to be a
breeder). Whatever, it makes my classes more interesting!
Going to see Her right away-if anything happens, I'll let
you (whoever that may be...binary numbers, real people,
the family pet) know...but for now, I'll see yah later!

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