2001-09-09 01:10:13 (UTC)

The Heat Did Me In

I ended up napping the afternoon away. This means I'll
probably be up late tonight but since it's so hot that's not
really bad.

I used some left-over boiled potatoes from yesterday to make
the potato salad. All I had to do was cut them up, add
chopped onions, celery and pickles, boil a few eggs and add
those chopped, a little salt, pepper, and mayonnaise and voila! a
potato salad! I'll have John begin to grill the burgers
soon and dinner will be done.

I sent Jack a link to Ruminations on Cooking

My favorite is
"Oh, shit!" is not necessarily swearing when pronounced
by the cook. In our college apartment, it was known as the pie crust
prayer and was considered a vital part of the process.

I gave Jack some instructions on making pie crusts, at his request,
on his last visit home so this seemed appropriate and perhaps
even useful!