Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-01-09 20:54:59 (UTC)

Woopsie Daisey

Accidently left a frying pan full of water on the cooker
at Uni tonight. Figured I'd go back an clean it out after
a while but forgot about it and the thing boiled dry and
smoke was involved somewhere in the whole thing. Fire
Alarm went off, had to wait outside. Porters were
blabbing. Coupld of accomodation women were there. All
very ladeedaa. I forgot to grab my keys in my pathetic
shamble of an escape and had to go bak and ask the porter
woman who made snide remarks. Bitch, she'll get hers soon
enough. Will probably get into some kind of trouble soon
but the way I see it, if I go down, I'm taking as many
people with me as possible. Our flat is a shambles anyway.
The kitchen door doesn't automatically shut like it
should. Thats a bigger firehazard than me. I did like the
attention though, nothing more fun than being the centre
of attention, especially if its bad attention. Considering
how there was loads of smoke but NO way of there being
fire, any repercutions should be minimal. One thing is for
sure, I'm not being a slave to them. The bastards.

w00t! I got a 2A for Computing Science! Even if it was
intriductory, a 2A is good consiering how I gave up trying
a lot of the tim in the classes. With any luck, my other
results will be in by the end of the week and I'll have
passed so I can be happy and go home without fear of
having to return for resits. Even though I probably
wouldn't be too bothered about doing it if the time comes,
the thought just now is enough to put me off. I just want
to rest, if even for a little while.

Thats me done for this eventful day
Til Next Time Space Kittens!