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2003-01-09 20:52:03 (UTC)

life on a daily basis

Today has been a krazie day. i mean i wake up and alreay
feel like im gonna die or sumthin. so figured hey ill take
a nice hot bath to sooth my aches and pains away...well
obviously i got it a little to hot and when i got out i
stood up then blacked out and kinda fell down. so then i
had to go like lay down on my bead where it was cold cuz i
thought i was like goin blind or something from all the
heat. then my mom found out and she is really scared. i
dont think its any big deal but she wants me to go to the
doctor and get my blood checked. i mean she isnt just
freaking out over the black out thing, i have been sick for
like 3 weeks now. i just like i caught a bug or
something...or at least i hope so :/. ANYWAYZZZ enough
about my stupid lil problems, howz your life going???
everything just dandy?? i hope so i mean what would we do
if you had a bunch of problems besides just sit around and
mope? ....yah most people that i know have problems, infact
i cant think of one person that doesnt have atleast one
problem. So if you think that you are the only one in the
world suffering from a problem...your not. and im sure
there is someone out there that has it so much worse than
you do so be happy and dont worry! or was that dont worry
be happy??? oh well. the bell is gonna ring for me to go
HOME in like 4 minutes so im gonna get off of here and shut
down the computer and stuff. so ill talk to you all later.
buh bye.