the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-09 00:52:20 (UTC)

First entry - background crap

mood - kinda happy but kinda sad
music - AAF - smooth criminal and Nirvana - Lithium

Hiay ppl, this is my online diary, full of stuff about me,
i have a got a normnal diray but my parents can probly read
that so its best i just do this 1...

well, ill tell ya bout me, im 15, livin in the south of
england, and love listenin 2 music and hangin out wiv my
mates. My fave bands r nirvana, foo fighters, etc, but u
dont really wanna hear about that, now do u? lol, now the
more detailed stuff...

my main problem at the mo is the guy i like, lets call
him...umm...bartman. (He owns a faded old bartman tshirt
from the 90's tut tut). Well, im totally 100% head over
heels dancing around like an idiot in love with him, but he
doesnt like me in that way. We are really good mates, and
I can trust him with anuythin, but he just doesnt see me as
girlfreind material i guess and it really hurts, but i
guess i can put up with it. But, what does really hurt, ks
the fact that he is really into a mutual freind, lets call
her...umm...pooh (she loves winnie the pooh). Bartman is
always all over pooh, hugging her, talkin 2 her, sitting
with her, but its annoying cos as he sees me as a freind,
I'm one of the ppl he'll go to and talk about her. I can't
tell him how i feel cos it wud damage the freindship, but
still...i wish...never mind...

ummmm, other stuff, I have 3 best freinds, lets call
em...erm...flick, haze, and kera. Flick lives nearest 2
me, and we've kinda grown up together. Haze I've known for
about 4 and a half or five years, since the beginnin of
secondry school, and kera ive known the same. Kera is
kinda...sweet...sometiems i guess ud call it, shes quite
niave. haze is very quiet, she doesnt really tell you much
about her feelings, but u can trust her with anything.
flick is the one i know the best, and she shares all my
views and opininos, which is great cos we can always have
sumthing to talk about :D.

Right, onto the ppl i DONT like... only two of these, lets
call em the skirt girls...

they used 2 be the ppl i hung around with, and i was stupid
enuff for them to take me for granted and basically they
made me do whatever they wanted me to, and if i didnt they
would kill me. They wouldnt beat me up pysically, but
mentally....its a different story...they had a way of
making me do stuff like go up 2 guys in the street and ask
them out or tell them i wanted to sleep with em...i dont
know how they did it but i was actually scared if that if i
didnt what theyd do...but anyway, now, they r still in my
class at scho (woo bloody hoo) and seem to think i like
them. I do not. I HATE them. More than anyone. They are
annoying, stuck up, stupid and they just piss me off more
than anyone. They think theyre better than me and i know
the thruth...im betetr than them.

anyway, enuff of me going on, byyyeeee

luv tiggeress