Nick's Journal
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2001-09-09 00:41:14 (UTC)

September 7th, 2001

"Der Mann kaempft gegen die Ennui" - Schopenhauer. yeah i
second that. especially when it comes to staying awake
during German Literature. Anyhow, i've come to wonder
about my BIT teacher. take forrest gump, now add a child
molester twist to his feature, and detiorated vocal
capablities and you now have the man that teaches me about
quantitative methods. or even better. take a foreigner
that can't pronounce one word correctly and gets fucked
everytime before class (as jeff so candidly remarked) and
now you have the lady that teaches me about the micro-
economics of our world.
one other thing i don't understand are the showers in our
dorm. either they burn off a layer of my skin because of
the scalding hot temperature, or the water pressure blows
my balls into my'd think our university
could fix a problem like that, but then again this
university also gave us a taste from the "nation" of
africa. good thing they're in charge of my education.
complain complain's so much nicer if could
follow the advice of the poem that i read 17 times while i
waited for my steak sub in owens. it told me that i should
always be nice to people, wipe my ass after i shit, and
always speak positively. it's so true too, i mean i don't
get what anybody gets out of making fun of others.
i mean sarcastic,cynical,bigot,judgemental,austrians really
piss me off, they think they're so great with "their"
german language.
and whoever had that conversation with me about why austria
does not have their "own" language, please tell me so that
i can give you the beat-down you deserve.
"Simple minds speak about people, mediocre minds speak of
events, brilliant minds speak of ideas." - some general i
can't remember.