2001-02-14 13:15:52 (UTC)

Happy valentines day people!..

Happy valentines day people!
did any one get lots of cards. i got two sent to me in an
e-mail, from karl. today has been quite good, considering.
i have this person who keeps following me and friend.
unfortunatley it's not a nice drop dead horny bloke,
instead it's laura. God how she does my head in. i've
already told her to p*** off and she did for a day then she
back sucking up to me and clara, now it's really doing my
head in. she knows we don't like her show why does she keep
on sucking up to us. maybe cos she know no-one else likes
her and if she leaves us alone she'll be a loner. actually
i've just had a thought i might just tell her to p*** off
again see what she'll say
gotta go