Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-09 19:01:38 (UTC)

One by One

Listening to : Foo Fighters - All My Life
Average boring day. In fact, very boring. Steered well
clear of Gary and Richard apart from Garys comment just
before we were leaving "you can buy me a beer tommorrow
seeing all the money I've saved you recently." Fucking
Spent the rest of the day mostly talking to Jonny about
hitman, looking out of the window making dirty remarks
about girls and looking at the hitman forum. They're
brining out an editor for that game soon so you can make
your own levels and stuff. Can't wait!
Still avoiding mother. I dont want to let this drop, I want
to carry it and hurt/worry/upset/annoy whatever all the
people who pissed me off over the parking ticket.
Thomas wasn't in again. I guess I was right on that one.
Mixed day all in all. I got good mileage on my car...but
Tawny turned out to be just slightly unattractive. Still,
shes a hobby and not a project, as was Jessica and Heather.
Again, roll a dice five times. Some of the numbers will be
higher, some will be low. Ying and yang in action.
Tawny actually looks like Sarah...I think...but I think
Sarah is more attractive. Don't know why.
Disgusted today over the current thinking on the right to
defend yourself. When there was a shooting at the school in
Dunblane, the bandwagon came round and EVERYONE jumped on.
Anyone who stayed calm and took an objective look was a
fool. At the time one such fool known as Umberto noted that
else where in the world, where very tough gun control had
been bought in gun crime and the number of people injured
with guns actually INCREASED. The Americans learnt this
lesson years ago. Nevertheless, getting a gun in the Uk was
made impossible (legally) other than a .22 At the time, I
mentioned this to the parental unit and people at college,
all who were on the bandwagon and would disagree to the
point of ignoring me.
This is a snippet of an article taken today from yahoo news
entitled "Gun Crime in Britain Rockets"...

"Firearms were used in 9,974 recorded crimes in 12 months
to April 2002 - up 35% from 7,362 for the previous 12

Criminals used handguns in nearly 50% more offences, the
figures show."

"It means the number of crimes involving handguns has more
than doubled since the post-Dunblane massacre ban on the
weapons, from 2,636 in 1997-1998 to 5,871."

Umberto has spoken and yet again, Umberto was correct. Hate
to say I told you so...but i told you so.
It shows the fucking retards who run our country for who
they are and the fucking retards who live here and look at
things with hyped up eyes.
What are the government going to do? Make getting a gun
works so well in other countries. Don't go bashing the
people who enjoy shooting or enjoy collecting weapons.
One of the governments first responses as to why the
increase was "alot is to do with the gun culture generated
by rap and hiphop music." That sounds to me like a
government in the throws of not know whats going on. Then
some total fucking retard, some minor MP nobody has ever
heard of (fucked it I can remember his name) came on radio
for a soundbite and said something along the lines of "its
macho idiot rappers like the so-solid crew who promote
this." FUCKING PRICK. How do people like this get elected?
I dont like so-solid crew, I find them boring...but does
the man honestly think that just because someone writes a
lyric that says he likes guns that will FORCE people to go
and shoot people with ILLEGAL weapons? Or did he just want
to get on the radio? Twat. FUcking retarded twat. Does
culture follow music? Or is music a result of culture? hes
the type of jumped up moronic prick who would be out
supporting hitler and speaking against the right to free
Trevor Nelson had a good point. Everytime there is a serial
killer, do the government go knocking on the door of
Stephan King demmanding he changes his books? Think not.
Its cheap and pathetic. The governments policy failed and
the fucking retarded general public who gobble up all the
crap the sun feeds them were wrong...very wrong...and now
red faced and shown to be wrong they are in the throws of
looking for someone or something to blame. Fuck off. Just
fuck off and get yourselves sorted out. I will NOT vote
labour when I get to vote for the first time in the coming
year. I would rather vote the tories back in at the moment
than have that fucking arrogant stupid prick blair doing
what hes doing, his left hand wank man Prescott and that
one eyed fairy tale monster David Blunkett twatting about
like they know whats going on. They do not. Its obvious. I
cant listen to the reports on the radio anymore of
the "tough new line on guns" because its all total bullshit
and wont work at all. Wankers.

Umberto has bitched again @ 7:05pm