Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-09 18:05:11 (UTC)

I really have to do something about it

So tomorrow I will go to see my doctor and I hope she
will do somehting because I can't stand scratching anymore
and I feel like discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon
me...I feel weird but I am not sad or mad or angry
I just feel a bit of grief and I have a strong feeling
of strange,isn't it?
In my class there are some things happening and I can't
understand them no matter how hard I try .A girl likes a
boy but that boy likes another Dana likes
Alex but Ionut likes dana and Alex doesn't want to be
Dana's bf because Ionut likes her But in the end I am happy
I am not like that so this didn't happen to me.
I told to Dana that first I had a shock...I never knew
they want to have bfs or gfs from out class.I always
thought we'll be like brothers and sisters there before
Valentina came.Our teacher changed everything because of
her and there will be no wonder if we'll end up fighting
for eac other.Honest with you ,I will never have a bf from
my class of from any other class here.
For me it's enough to have them as friends and I really
do anything I can do to help them.
In the end....I hope anything will be just fine.....see