Jerry Sikko

I am Lord Sikko
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2001-09-08 23:28:15 (UTC)


i sit at this computerr all the time,
bet yuo guys didnt kno i can rhymeeeeeeeeeeee,
my son seys he wishes he had another father,
as he says this i just ignoOre and tYpe Louder,
aOL is havinG trOuble findin mE a Lover,
afteR Litsa i just could not be with anouther,
wen i gro up i wanna be a hAcker,
so i can tAke Lefti's site dOwn and make sum money to buy
the "cLapper",
i Come Chill in astOria cuz Hiksville is so trashy,
sO i Can be Greek & ordeR a Frappy,
ServoS caLLs me constantlee to Spank hiS monkey,
Last time i Tried it FeLt kinda buumpie,
sO hEre is my stuff,
i hope Yuo ALL enjoYed,
nOw i musT gO and bUy my Son sum ToYs,
sO he won't boThere me cuz i'LL get anNoYed,
oh shit my breath stinks.. i neeed an aLtoyd...
dayum i got skillz