Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-09 17:10:28 (UTC)

Still sick, but out of taking the GRE

Stranger than strange. Mom even agreed that I'm probably
too sick to take the GRE today. Lucky fucking me. OH
well, I am feeling better, but still, after days of not a
lot of sleep and coughing and getting sick and sneezing.
Oh well. Then I tell mom I think I should skip school all
together this sememster since I'm planning on not staying
at this school and this program. Hell, even mom mentioned
that moving sounded like what I wanted to do. But she told
me I should maybe take a class to get a relaxation from
stress since I always feel better taking classes. So who
knows. I may go to class tonight see if I like it and that
it won't be too hard considering that the class is called
Gender and Aggression. Maybe with my past with my rape and
all, it might be kind of hard to take. Oh well. I hope I
can face myself with this stuff. Maybe not taking the
class would be better.

I still can't believe that the only thing A (the guy who
raped me) had bad happen to him is his Mom died last week
or so. I bet he didn't even cry. Hell, he probably
thought something like she desevred to die or some shit
like that.

Oh well, life goes on or does it. Well, I'm off to get my
shit together for the day, since for once in the last few
days I don't feel like complete shit only semishit.


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