Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-09-08 23:14:30 (UTC)

Whatever I Say

What's up everyone. Here I am. Its Saturday afternoon and I
am just lazing around because I drank too much last night
to be worth anything today. I had a blast last nigt. We
went to this bar in Georgetown and got drunk nd danced,
much fun! I have blisters on my feet from dancing so much.
But anyways, I am not in the mood to talk about fun things.
I kind of feel down today. I dont know if its cause I am
hungover, or cause I have just been sitting on my couch all
day. But I am just sad. I have been thinking about my cat
that I love so much and I miss. My friend in North Carolina
has been keeping it for me, cause my parents wouldnt let m
bring it home(asholes)because we have a dog. But now my
friend says sh cant keep it anymore and I dont know what I
am going to do if I cant find a plae for it, because I dont
want to give it away. He makes me so happy, I love him. And
I want to have him forever. And that just makes me wish I
had my own home to keep him in.Which makes me want to move
back to North Carolina, but I cant because I m not in
school and I dont have money to pay my own rent, and the
biggy i my jo I just started. I mean, I am the teacher. I
cant just walk into these kids lives, take on all these
responsiblities and then run out on them. But I want to. I
want so many things that Icant have. What am I doing? Where
am I going? I'm sorry, I need to call someone.