Rach's thoughts
2003-01-09 14:10:42 (UTC)


Life is back to it's normal disorganised self.
I've split up with S due to him moving to NY, as it was all
getting a bit strage and odd. I'm glad I did it in a way. We
might get back together when he comes back in April.
But then again I might be going away at the end of the
summer for a year so I don't know. If I am then I'm not sure
if it'll work. I mean it would be nice to think that it
could but in the real world it never works out that way.

I spent Christmas and New Year at home. It was the usual
arguments but worst as my dad found out about one of Ruth's
Tattoos. He almost hit the roof, and I had to deny that I
had any or else he would have killed me too. I don't regret
having had any done, yet at times i wish that I could have
told my mom and dad about them before i'd got them and maybe
they'd have understood. i mean both of my tattoos are really
simbolic to me and took a lot of thought and planning. It's
not like i just decided one day that I was going to get it
done and got it that afternoon. I did plan them and get them
drawn out for me.

Anyhow I have work to do.
Love and light