The Bowel Movement
2001-09-08 21:30:57 (UTC)

I Finally got that damned virus out of my comp, stupid dumbass mom

For all of u who know me, know what the title of this entry
means. Anyway, its 2:20 sept 8th, wow in 8 more days its my
b-day... GO ME.. not really. Tomorrow I get forced to work
and don't even know if I get paid, damn dad, oh well. Look
the MTV movie awards are on again, and it sounds like
baathoven, not sure which song. Anyway I got my comp back,
and look im bored again, this is pathetic, I suggest anyone
who is bored goes and blows up something. It does wonders
for making u not bored. Umm... well I'm tired of filling
this up with useless crap. I have nothing to do, but I don't
want to type. So bye for now - Ziy (AKA: Naked guy in bed)

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