Sporty Tomboy

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2001-09-08 21:20:42 (UTC)

Ohh the fun you have with stalkers!

DeathStalker0166: hey there
CheezyPig8Lotz: hello
CheezyPig8Lotz: haha nice name
DeathStalker0166: how are you
CheezyPig8Lotz: im awesome how are ya
DeathStalker0166: im good
CheezyPig8Lotz: thats kewl
CheezyPig8Lotz: who is this
DeathStalker0166: i donno
CheezyPig8Lotz: lol nice
DeathStalker0166: asl?
CheezyPig8Lotz: 16/f/ny
CheezyPig8Lotz: and ya?
DeathStalker0166: ???
CheezyPig8Lotz: asl?
DeathStalker0166: im a stalker
CheezyPig8Lotz: nice
CheezyPig8Lotz: so am i
DeathStalker0166: and im being stalked
CheezyPig8Lotz: really me too
CheezyPig8Lotz: but im F.B.I so who cares
DeathStalker0166: wut?
CheezyPig8Lotz: im a agent in the F.B.I.
DeathStalker0166: oh
CheezyPig8Lotz: i got a 22 caliber on me at all times
DeathStalker0166: uh oh
DeathStalker0166: *running away*
CheezyPig8Lotz: why? your not scared of me are you?
DeathStalker0166: yes
CheezyPig8Lotz: why would you be scared of me?
DeathStalker0166: put your gun down and i wont be
CheezyPig8Lotz: nope sorry thats against regulations
CheezyPig8Lotz: and i love my job
CheezyPig8Lotz: but if you want to you can still stalk me?
CheezyPig8Lotz: i wouldnt care cuz nobody can touch me :-)
DeathStalker0166: ok
CheezyPig8Lotz: so your scared of the FBI?
DeathStalker0166: yea they have caught me before and raped
CheezyPig8Lotz: you know we can shoot anybody in self
defense ;-)
CheezyPig8Lotz: that must have been me
DeathStalker0166: really? i like shooting people
CheezyPig8Lotz: me too its great fun
CheezyPig8Lotz: i remember raping a guy
DeathStalker0166: was it good?
CheezyPig8Lotz: no not at all
DeathStalker0166: that bad
CheezyPig8Lotz: its okay i got my husband for all the good
booty :-) hes damn good in bed
DeathStalker0166: oh i am too
DeathStalker0166: after they just give up they enjoy
CheezyPig8Lotz: nobodys as good as my husband they call
him "mr pussy"
DeathStalker0166: mr pussy is a pussy
CheezyPig8Lotz: well he is what he eats
DeathStalker0166: oh i see
DeathStalker0166: well
DeathStalker0166: this guy left
CheezyPig8Lotz: what guy
DeathStalker0166: well thats one person i dont have to
stalk now
DeathStalker0166: he started talking to me
CheezyPig8Lotz: haha kewlness
DeathStalker0166: his name was
DeathStalker0166: smurfpimp6996
CheezyPig8Lotz: oh nice
DeathStalker0166: i think i scared him off
CheezyPig8Lotz: awwww am i gunna scare you off with my 22
DeathStalker0166: yes
DeathStalker0166: i wanna run now
CheezyPig8Lotz: awww but i can give you a little kiss and
stick my caliber in your stomach and pull the trigger so
you guts fly all over and then i can feed you to my dogs :-)
DeathStalker0166: *running away from girl with gun*
DeathStalker0166: not fun
DeathStalker0166: or cool
DeathStalker0166: owwwwwwwwwww
CheezyPig8Lotz: yes it is lots of fun dont you want to help
me feed my dogs?
DeathStalker0166: *runs away*
DeathStalker0166: why not
CheezyPig8Lotz: you know you want my sexy body and i want
to use my 22 caliber in your stomach after giving you a
little kiss and my dogs havent eaten in awhile
DeathStalker0166: want to know something
CheezyPig8Lotz: what?
DeathStalker0166: im a woman
CheezyPig8Lotz: nice you want to steal my husband? well you
cant have mr pussy hes mine
DeathStalker0166: oh no
DeathStalker0166: ive got mr
DeathStalker0166: hmmm
DeathStalker0166: mr cock
DeathStalker0166: and mrs pussy
CheezyPig8Lotz: now i will have to wrap a rope around your
neck and put you in a wheely cart, bring you to a high
building cut your stomach open with a knife and push you
off so you bowels intestines and all guts hang out for all
to see
DeathStalker0166: cool
CheezyPig8Lotz: but not til after i burn your skin for
hours and cut out your tongue so you can scream
DeathStalker0166: ooooh torture
CheezyPig8Lotz: i want to feed you to my dogs
CheezyPig8Lotz: nobody steals my mr pussy
DeathStalker0166: your dogs will like it
CheezyPig8Lotz: they like human flesh
DeathStalker0166: im sure they do
DeathStalker0166: wanna know something else
CheezyPig8Lotz: what
DeathStalker0166: im also a man
CheezyPig8Lotz: nice
CheezyPig8Lotz: well you still cant have my
man!! hes mine and my pussy is the only one he eats
DeathStalker0166: im leaving your husband is giving me shit
and im gonna blow yours and his fucking brains out if yas
dont leave me alone

jackwillsay: Hey this is Mr Pussy What do you want with my
DeathStalker0166: i want to fuck her and you simultaneously
jackwillsay: Shes an FBI agent you do know that, and if you
do try it ill put a gun to your head and pull the triger
DeathStalker0166: ill come back and rape her again and
again and again
jackwillsay: how? if you have no brains?
DeathStalker0166: oh youll see
jackwillsay: no i wont. Cause you wont even have a body
DeathStalker0166: you want my body
jackwillsay: no the dogs do
DeathStalker0166: and so does your wife
jackwillsay: take one step on my property and you wont see
day light again