My Days...
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2001-09-08 21:11:04 (UTC)


Oh God. I am so worried about Mark. Everything is going
wrong for him and I am scared he is going to do something
stupid. I can't really say what's wrong with him, that
would be unfair, just because I want to publish my feelings
doesn't mean I should do the same with his. Lets just put
it this way, he is talking about some things that make me
worry. I am so scared. I can't stop crying. All day I've
been telling him how happy I am, didn't even take into
account about he was feeling. That's how much of a
horrible bitch I am. I can solve his problem for him
(well, help with it a great deal anyway) but he won't let
me coz he is too proud. I think I will just tell him that
it is an order...:o(. Oh God oh God oh God. How can I
make him see that what I can do for him is right or
otherwise things will never get better?! I am so worried.
Please help...

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