Pandora's Box
2001-09-08 21:00:09 (UTC)

Foot Ball Game

well last night i had to go to the football game. it was
pretty kool and all. i feel sorry for Ashdown's band
though. it's so small and the pit section sux. only one
snare, one quad, one bass drum (well 4 but they were all
tied together and one person was playing it), and one
keybard.. and the keyboard was a beginner bell set.

we kicked butt playing and it was so kool. :)

when i was going to go get a drink and a hot dog after
playin, i saw zach. i've had a MAJOR crush on zach for the
past 3 years and he knows it. he's always flirting w/me
then going off and flirting w/someone else.well i told him
last saturday that i knew he wasn't serious and that i
didn't wanna tlak to him until e was. well when i saw him
he gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that if i go to
the rink next saturday he'd prove to me that he wasn't just
playin around that night.

but also, this guy cory likes me alot.. and last year i
asked him out, but he didn't wanna go out with me.. but
last week he asked me out. and i told him i'd think about

after the game, everyone in the pit and drum line is
sposed to help load up the band bus. everyone left except
me, micheal, and brad. i wasn't helping that much b/c i've
been sick this whole week and i was laying down trying to
calm my tummy and the headache i had. well halbrook started
yelling @ me b/c i wasn't helping brad and micheal. i sat
up to tell him that i was feeling sick, but he grabbed me
and threw me up in the air.

then we finally get it all loaded and were trying to strap
everything down, when we can't find all the straps. we
loaded it wrong b/c a bass drum came late and hesse said to
forget about it. well one keyboard didn't get strapped
down. so we had to drive VERY SLOWLY.

we get to the high skool and most of the pit and drum line
is there. kario, meagan, evan, anna, katie, ryan, and
amanda weren't there. i was pissed off at them b/c they
weren't helping us bakk @ the field. and i told seel that.
i told him that he needs to yell at the percussion section
monday b/c they didn't help us load and left us there.

well i finally got bakk home a quarter til 12. and got
online to find no one was on. i worked on my page a lil and
went to bed.

today i worked more on the page and i'm having to go to my
g-mom's tonight to eat dinner and stuff.

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