The Wait For True Love
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2003-01-09 07:56:42 (UTC)


So its a new year and time for new things... aka... a man.
But on a lighter note, I had a great new year's
celebration. Filled with friends, laughter, and of course
lots of drinking. Yes I threw up once but that didn't stop
me. Jack Daniel's has yet to let me down in the getting
trashed department. Anywayz I spent new years with 2 good
friends (kristen and mike). And since me and mike have
little sisters about the same age we bought them wine
coolers to have for new yrs. Those little pre alcoholics
were acting like bartenders and mixing the shit with apple
cider. They thought we were actually gonna let their
little asses get drunk. Ha! But me, mike, and kristen
where drunk and doing the cha cha slide sitting down and
shit. We had planned to go to ihop after the new yr
countdown good and drunk but unfortunately for us our
parents decided we were too drunk to go so we just came
back to my house and crashed. Over all it was great and im
willing to do it all again next year but next year we WILL
go to ihop and torture the waiters.

In other news, my first official house party is in 2
days... well actually its in one day since this is
thursday already. But yeah I'm ready for it. Except this
morning my computer with all the party music decided to
fuck up on me. Hopefully it'll be ok and everything will
go smoothly. Only time will tell.

Well thats enough news for now. I'm gonna go in my room
and maybe attempt to go to bed. But I'll prolly be up
another 2 hours watching tv.


p.s.- the man search is still on!! where are all of you?!?!

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