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2003-01-09 06:10:24 (UTC)

What a day

Hey all...Today sucked...first i had to goto school were u
are always judged by your hair, skin color, way u act,
facial features, and anything else someone can think of to
make fun of u....well u know what i tell them? FUCK OFF!!!
people need to stay in their own damn buisness and keep
their thoughts to themselves. I know everyone has been put
down by someone. It hurts and EVERYONE knows it. Y the hell
would someone get hurt by someone and then go and do it to
others? People who make fun of other people can just shuve
it up their ass. Who wants to live in a world were people
put u down about what ur wearin or how ur hair looks. I can
guareente u other people feel the same way i do and i know
someone already. The way she put it in her journal was so
enlightning to me. She is having the same school, familey,
and any other GUY realated problems i am. Lets see here, my
dad is a druggy, mom naggs about everydamn thing i do wrong
when everyone else in the house does it EVERY day, my
stepdad is the bigges all around ass hole of the century.
What a life eh? people think im so spoiled and get
everything i want. well i dont and see what the hell i
gotta put up with just to get it? well im done being pissed
off now and ill talk to u later. Cory

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