I am Queen Servos
2001-09-08 19:44:54 (UTC)

My pretty Lefteri


My pretty pretty pretty Lefteri spoke to me today under
his Dzerk off screenname and I think he's gonna put our
conversation up on the tradesitings page. I love him so
much that kid.

Anyway, 5 more hairs fell out today, which leaves me
with about 45 more. =( Sometimes I sit in my basement and
stroke the bald eagle I captured and rock back and forth
crying. "No one understands us" I say to it.

My life's so good. Daddy gave me 10 bucks today to get
icecream. My fat ass loves nothing more than multiple
icecream cone servings!! Yeeehaaaaaaww!

I wrote another letter to britney spears today, but i
had to change the return address cause the policemen said
that if I don't stop sending her my hair I'm gonna go in
jail with men that like it rough and up the ass. Don't get
me wrong, I love receiving a cock up the ass, but gently...
Like a queen deserves.Anyway it went like this...

(continued on next entry)

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