2001-09-08 19:44:17 (UTC)

hey everyone. i have been..

hey everyone. i have been writing in but
it was started to suck so i came here instead! well i'm
just gonna say a little bit about me right now. i am a
sophomore at Exeter Area High School. I play basketball and
i just like to get out and hanging w/ my friends. i don't
have a boyfriend... but i am sorta seeing some one, but
things aren't that seriouse that we call eachother
boyfriend and girlfriend. wich is good because i don't know
if i would want that yet, or at all for that matter, we're
just getting to know eachother ya know? i don't like to
rush things. i like almost all kind of music... except some
country and... not so much boy bands. nsync is the best out
of all of them but i'm not into them 2 much. i am 100%
portuguese. well more like azorean but it's practicly the
same thing. my parents are from the azores. we have a house
there 2. i go there at least 2 times a year.. i always go
for at least a month in the summer... it's awesome! this
summer i met so many people from canada (u have to love
those canadians!) and people from the Mass. and NH. if
anyone reads this, and is portuguese.... leave a note! ok i
ahve to go leave a note if u drop by.. i'll write more
later or tomorrow. bye!