Crazy Thoughts
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2001-09-08 19:39:48 (UTC)


Hey you guys,
Sorry it's been a while, my life has been completely
crazy!! I had diving this morning at 5:30 and I just got
home not to long ago. I found out that I have to babysit-
unwillingly-and I have to change all my plans for tonight-
We didn't do all that great in diving today, Eliza and
Kerry messed up on their dives and we lost a lot of points
becuase of it. I felt so bad for them because they felt
horrible about all of it. I didn't dive this morning, the
freshmen don't compete in competions until later on, that's
just the way things are.
I don't feel good at all, I've ate so much today it's
unbelievable. I eat like a horse, I swear!! For breakfast I
had three super large pancakes and then I snacked
throughout the meet and later I ate at a&w's. M y friend
Libby asked what I was going to order there and my other
buddy, Sam, said that I'd probably order the whole
resteraunt. She also said that I have a bottomless stomach
and that it all goes to my boobs because I don't have any
fat and then I just have...well boobs! It was funny though
(you know at the moment kind of thing)
I'm really happy, I got to talk to Wesley today, and just
not once...but twice!!!! It really made my day because even
though I talked to him on Wenseday, I'm been missing him
more than usual. I don't know what it is, but I've just
been caving to talk to him 24/7 all the sudden!! I miss
him, and I wish I could be in his arms-I'd give anything to
be able to kiss him right now!!
Marissa has been complaining about Adam. (They both have an
online journal too, Marissa's is called Inside Marissa's
Head and Adam's is St.Lunatic025) She keeps telling me
about how she hasn't talked to him in the "longest time"
but if she's reading this she need to shut-up!! I had to go
without talking to Wesley for two weeks so I would be still
if I were you!!!!
Anyways, I have to get going, my mom is making me go to
church, but before I go, I have to ask you guys a question.
There is this really good freind of mine who is considering
going out with this jerk she doesn't even like, she says
she's only thinking about it because she really wants
someone, anyone, butI just told her not to, that she should
wait to for a guy she really likes, that some oppurtunity
would come if she was optimistic about all of it. Is what I
said a good answer?? I didn't know how to tell her that it
would be super shallow to go out with someone she didn't
even like. I didn't wanna miss lead her but I wanna do
what's best, and I don't know if that was the right thing
to do. E-mail me with your comments, I apperciate it
tremendously. Thanx-

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