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2003-01-09 04:23:59 (UTC)

just put me inside you, i would never ever leave

so it was a good day, a pretty good week so far. back to
school and back to work and feeling pretty productive. i
have some review thing at work so maybe i'll get more money
which would be nice.
school is good, my biology and sexuality teacher is
interesting... i feel like im in therapy, not really a
formal class, but hey its cool. deviance is boring so far,
the teacher is but the materials interesting. and of
course im with my baby so thats fun. havent seen anyone i
hate yet except this girl i was good friends with in middle
school who turned into a slutty cheerleader in hs. this
girl loni from my job is in one of my classes and thats not
too bad, i mean she came and talked to me when i was
waiting for matt before class - im not big on talking to
anyone much but whatever.
so anyway... not much going on i guess, work tomorrow,
school the next day, back and forth except for sundays. in
a few weeks i imagine i'll have a whole new appreciation
for sundays. but neither school or work is bad at all.

well im guna do some laundry and go to sleep. its a real
bitch getting up early on the days i work - but i dont work
the same days as caroline anymore which is probably a good
thing cus that was really driving me insane. like i always
do - just get away from it.