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2003-01-09 04:12:26 (UTC)

love is in the air...

Hello people. today, well tonite rather...actually, now
that i think about it, today as well...was rather
interesting. jeff parsons was kind enough to tell me that
a couple of girls (thankfully) told him that they liked me
but he failed to mention any names. i hated this fact at
first but then after i thought about it's probably better i
recieved no names because then, i dont have to worry about
what to do next. right now im just kinda chillin when it
comes to the opposite sex. i think i may have a crush on
this one girl in particular though. she's really nice and
funny and all that good stuff but ive never hung out with
her uno y uno. im presently looking for a chance to do
such a thing. maybe a dinner and a movie followed by a
slow fuck in the shower?? hmm...nah. i need to lose
weight and i dont like movies neways. the slow fuck isn't
a bad idea though, ehh???!? hehe, just joking. im a good
child; im just a 'little angel.' a little angel with horns
forming to the right and about two inches up from my eye
sockets. so back to the girl situation... i don't know
what to do. i refuse to rush into anything again but it's
so damn hard not to. all i want to be is happy and right
now im just lacking some happiness that i know i can get
out of a relationship with someone. and for the perverts
out there, i am not talkign about that kind of happiness.
our lady peace once said that happiness is not a fish that
you can catch, so i dunno. maybe i just need to chill out
longer? but at the same time, nothing ever happens when
you're sitting on ur ass waiting. holy shit fuck. i dont
know!?!? emotions were the creation of satan, i am
convinced of this. moving on...i'd liek to take this time
to confess my hatred of government class. That class sucks
soooo bad i just wanna fucking blow it up or something. im
not quite sure as of yet how i would blow up a class, but
there has got to be a way. i did make it to the akron
police department to do my interview with the head of the
APD gang unit tonite though. i got to the department just
as shift change started. lemme tell you, ive never seen so
many police officers carrying large guns in my life. to be
honest, i was a little scared. (not really, im a tough
guy hehe) i actually felt quite safe and the guy i was
interviewing was really nice and pleasant. he's been a cop
for like 25 years. im not sure how im ever going to be
anything for that long. my advice to myself is to find a
job that i love and not care about the money cause
eventually money will get old and you'll still be waking up
every fucking morning to do the same old boring shit and
you'll hate it. wouldn't it be nicer to go to work with a
smile even if you're makign a little less money? i dont
know..i think a pay cut is worth a few more smiles myself.
well, im doen rambling for tonite. PeAcE Out....Stevo7

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