my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-09 03:57:19 (UTC)


im real bored. thats why im writing. im online.... and i
was chatting.... i was talking to kirby then she left and i
was talking to kenny. the mom i.m.'d me and itried to talk
to my bubby... but we didnt talk to much i dunno why i dont
know what to talk about i feel like im drifting. i dont
know why. any way.... everytime i get bored, i i.m. ken. i
did this time but i closed the box cause i dont feel like
talking to him. he makes me feel like crap. im eating candy
canes. dang. im gonna get cavities... lol i need to stop
eating so much o my heavens. lol. Casey is reading me this
story kiby made lol. lolololol iom so sorry guyz (whoever
reads this) but it in extreamly HILARIOUS o my lol.....
does any one read this? i do wonder. i kinda hope no one
does... yet i hope someone does. its easier to write openly
thinking no one reads my thoughts. i dont know. any way
well im laughing and now talkign to Casey so im happy and
not very bored(im also playing solitaire again...) so...
maybe i'll write more tomorrow if im not cleaning, or
sleeping or watching t.v. i should exercise. i want to
start jogging but i haven't got the energy in the morning
when i want to. besides i dont want to jog by myself. steph
wants to too... who knows. i want to try and jog at like 6
am but not by myself and steph wouldn't get up that early
cause of the fact that she wouldn't be able to go back to
sleep. lol... bye.