An Angel's life
2001-09-08 19:24:29 (UTC)

Yo everyone!!!! I am back with more stuff for you guys.

Dear Diary and Readers,
Hi! How are you? Well I am fine. I just started school
few days ago. I have band for first period. I never had band
for first period or this early but I guess I am going to
have to get use to it. I have after that is Pe. Then ummm
science, math, lunch, social studies, and then english. I
barely have any friends in those classes so I guess I am
going to have to make new friends. Everyone in my school has
a jansport backpack! Everywhere you look there is a jansport
backpack. Also I didn't get much homework. You know what i hate....I
hate the first day of school when all the teachers talk about their
stinky rules and then at the middle of the year they usually change
their rule or forget about it.
Who watched the vmas on mtv? oh ok I know that was a few days
ago but I have nothing else to write about. I really like the nsync
performance with micheal jackson. I also loved ja rule and j.lo
Oh ok that is all I have to write. As you can I see my life is
boring or I am really bored right now. Well I g2g look for more of my
diary enteries!!!

~my thoughts