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2001-09-08 19:14:38 (UTC)

Job is Corrupting Life

I am very addicted to ths journal. I must write constantly.
I have been keeping a journal for over five years, but by
hand. This is so much faster!! I wish I would have
discovered it sooner.
We now have internet access in our break room at Hy-Vee,
so I'll write something while I am at work. Unless the fat
man who hogs the computer is on it again. Stupid obese
man... doesn't know how to share. Kindergarten properties
people, C'mon. Mum just told me Jamie called for me twice
while I was asleep, and she decided to go somewhere with
Sierra rather to the library to study with me. Actually, I
know it's my fault for not waking up. oops. I wish I had my
own car. It would be very nice. I don't have a whole lot
to say right now, i'm just passing time.
I'm mildly upset. I wanted to go to confession tonight,
but instead I must work. I've worked the last 10 Saturday
nights, and confession is only on Saturday nights. Job is
corrupting life. I wonder what Jamie and Sierra are
doing.... probably visiting sick Drew. Mum is bothering me
a lot. Alot, a lot. Tons, a lot.
Grandpa brought the truck over to go clean up stuff at
the new house. I hid, as was still in my pajamas. Still
am in pajamas. Still did not take shower. Should probably
go take shower, as must be to work in less than 2 hours.
Now going to go and take shower. Then put lovely soft new
cloud sheets on bed. Then possibly a short trip to the
thrift shop, and then to dreadful invidious work. Blah.