my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-09 02:55:06 (UTC)


dude i had the best time at church tonight lol. first we
had supper(our church has supper on wednesday nights) and
it was real good (mashed potatoes, gravy, roast beef, and
streing beans and rolls n cake) it was real good lol. then
amy ash and i hung out and played drums n junk then i jung
out with garrett(youth minister) till church started n
after the lesson was done we played pictionary lol. then,
afterwards we al ljust hugn out then we(me amy garrett and
rodney) went to bring the trash cans in(we volunteered" and
garrett gave ame a piggy back ride and i though i'd break
his back(which i didnt). then he had a meeting with the
elders(every week) and amy rodney joey and i just hung
around then we started fighting(like throwing stuff) n it
was really funny then i put in some of the old blindside
stuff "im no teddy bear" that song is so cool lol and amy
an i were dancing while rodney n joey were doing stuff on
garretts computer. so then they opened his office door and
we were in the teen room dancing right and they start
saying "amys gay amys gay michele is gay michele is gay"
and tried to shut the door but we tackled them lol. they
had been trying to make a song lol. garrett has this thing
where u can mix different sounds to make a song but it was
great. it was lot of fun. church is so fun people don't
realize that. just being able to hang out and learn then
goof off rocks. yea. well im gonna get off this diary now
ciao talk to ya l8r