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2001-09-08 17:56:31 (UTC)

I hate Computer

Bloody computer never works. I was tyring to get connected
to ICQ this morning(actually, this afternoon,seeing as I
wasn't up until 12)and everything is gone. Thirteen year
old brothers are much too computer savvy. I can't deal
anymore! I feel bad. I was supposed to go to the library
at the college with Jamie this morning(8:30) and I sort of
didn't wake up in time.(oops). Although I have a feeling
she didn't get up either. It is alright though, because the
paper is not due for awhile, although the working bib is
due on tuesday(eek). How am I ever going to find ten sources
(non-internet) on the Vatican II Council and how they
influenced the Catholic church? Must talk to Helen, for
Helen knows all!
I practiced piano this morning. I got my contest piece,
and I am not sure if I love it, but I definitely like it.
It's not one of those highly emotional peices I can delve
into for hours upon hours and still be satisfied, but it is
decent. I can't remember what it is called at the
moment.... i've only played through it once. It has a lot
of dissonant sounding chords, and nothing sounds quite
right together, but it gives it a nice mystique. I played it
for 15 minutes, got mildly bored, and so went on to
Mendehlssohn. You've got to love him. He writes great
music. I love how the melody line always has two parts. I
like "Song Without Words", movement 35. Great. sigh.
Could play for hours on bloody end.
Boyfriend is sick :(
Miss him terribly, although we are having religious
conflicts at the moment. I am going to call him today,
before I go to work. I hate going to work!! It's dirty
there. Working with food is no fun, especially if you only
get paid 6.75 an hour. I got paid yesterday and I want to
go buy a camera and some black and white film. I haven't
had a camera for awhile, because my last one exploded. For
real. I just don't have what it takes to work with
anything of mild techechological development. hmmpfh. Must
go and take shower now, as feel incredibly disgusting, and
must brush teeth because have bloody terrible morning
breath. Also must eat, as body craves fat. Bridget Jones
is haveing a mild literary effect on me, but she is no
Charlie, nor is she Holden Caulfield. You just can't help
but love Holden and Charlie.
Time to get clean!