Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-08 17:12:35 (UTC)

Guess what !?

Hey everyone ~
whats up ?! not much here ! I have been thinking lately
and I think I am going to do an exchange prgram for a
year ! where I go to a foregin country ! Isn't that so
cool ! My parents already said it was ok ! YES! I am so
excited ! Well I won't go this year of coarse but I might
go next year ! or the year after ! Isnt that so cool !
ahhh I can't wait ! Well I will most likely go when I am a
Jr. cause next year we might have an exchange student come
live with us cause my brother is going to college ! So then
that student will live with us for a year and they will be
my age and then I will most likely go back with them to
where they are from ! This is so kickin' ! yes ! hehe !
sorry this is something I have always wanted to do ! and my
parents said ok right off the bat ! YES! hehe ! OK well
on the down side I haven't talked to Adam in like 3 days
now ! cause he never got on last night ! I miss him ! :( !
Oh I forgot the quote yesterday ! Oops ! Well here is
the quote for yesterday ! "To acquire knowledge. . . Study,
to acquire wisdom. . . observe !" there is the quote for
yesterday ! Like I said before its only on week days when
there will be quotes ! ok I gotta bounce !
Luv ya all !

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