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2003-01-09 00:58:03 (UTC)

Boys suck....

Relationships are so confusing. Matt is in love with
Katie, but she doesn't love him and he knows it. But he
still was pursuing her all weekend. And then as soon as
she left, I came on the horizon and he was like "hey, it's
Liz... hmm... maybe I liked her at some point so I can
cuddle with her at night"????? GRRRRRRRRRRR.... it's not
cool, I still really like him but I don't know when I'm
going to see him again and I feel really shallow if I
say "well since I'm not going to see him again for a
really long time, what's the point in liking him?" because
I really do like him and I think he's awesome and so nice,
but I feel like a clingy little brat or something. haha,
talk about run-ons.... Alex says I mean a lot to Matt, but
he doesn't act like it. He never calls me, he never talks
to me unless I talk to him first, and wouldn't even hug me
at Becky's unless I hugged him first. I also act weird
around him, because I feel a little out of place still
hanging out with that group of friends, as it's really not
my usual crowd, and so I don't want to throw myself all
over him in front of everyone. Then I end up just being
withdrawn and overly self-conscious and quiet and I hate