The meanderings of a mind
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2003-01-09 00:05:22 (UTC)

i'm ready

Take me and flee the scene
of the crime of our love

Take me and run away
With you I'll have just enough

Take me far from here
I have my teddy bears packed

Take me and drive fast
We don't have to look back

Take me to a special place
We can call our own

Take me away with you
Where we can build a home

We can forget what everyone says
Don't pay attention to what they think
You are what makes me happy
You are all I need
I want to run away with you
I want, love, and need you to
Take me with you and we can run
away away away
I won't breath until we're gone
I'll drink the sparkle in your eyes
Take me when you run away.
Together together together. away.