CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-08 15:29:27 (UTC)

I HaTe GuYs!!

Ok the other day I think it was Thursday and I had been
thinkin all day about what Clint was telling me about him
and Ahsley and I realized I was jealous! I dont know why
maybe I don't really like him....maybe its just cuz hes a
good friend and I dont want to see him with no one else! I
dunno so I told him that I still liked him in an e-mail and
he wrote back sayin he liked me during the summer but he
likes Ashley...THAT ASS! God! So he likes her and in the
middle of this last week he asked if i wanted to do
anything this weekend if he wasn't grounded and didnt have
to help his uncle plant plants. SO I was like yea. So we
kinda made these plans to go see AP2! So yesterday I call
from my friend Sharis house and i was like so are we doin
something this weekend?? and hes like well I dunno I
already made plans! I was like what the fuck!?! and I'm so
pissed off at him now cuz he totally like blew me off! and
when Krista talked to him she asked him if he liked me and
he was like well I use to and she was like do u like Ashley
more than Tiffany? and he was like yea. I'm so mad! And hes
on-line right now and he hasnt even IMed me I'm pissed at
him so I'm not even gunna bother but my god! So anyways
lets go to happier things! Last night like around 8 Casey
came by to pick us up up with Jessica so me Krista shari
and Casey were all in this small truck and he drove over to
the gas station where we were supposed to meet up with
Nathan and so he dropped us off while they went to this
dance....and me and Krista were standing outside and all of
a sudden its started like pouring down rain and with all
this thunder and lighting and then it got sooo windy! like
with winds at 60 mph! So Nathan finially shows up after the
storms gone and we went partyin all night! It was the shit!
But I'm sooo tired! And I'm soo appy 2! Because Nathan is
unna go back 2 school!! Here! He was droppin out here and
gunna go to another school but hes not now till next year!
So yay! But I'm gunna go PEACE!