So Sad!..
2001-09-08 15:26:56 (UTC)

letter to my friend

Hey! Man i wish i would have gotten your email sooner.
he is sooooo mad at me, because i asked him if hes ever
cheated on me. I cant believe that hes mad at me though. He
really didnt give me any other choice but to believe that
ya know? if all he does is talk about another girl to me,
and is always asking me how i feel about cheating, WHAT AM
I SUPPOSED TO THINK?!? Then hes like when would i have time
to cheat on you, im always with you, on the phone with you,
or on the computer. i was like listen, you take the girl
home! and he said, her house is 5 minutes from the school.
A lot can happen in 5 minutes!!! Hes not off the hook
either. he basically gave me this huge guilt trip, and like
a fool i feel for it. i dont know what to think anymore. he
was like i went through so much bullshit to be
with you, and then all the bullshit after we got together,
why would i through all that away (he said something like
that) i want to spend the rest of my life with you, and i
love you. he just made me feel like the biggest bitch in
the world! and now i dont know what to do. but hes mad at
me.. when really he has no right to be mad at me, because
when we first got together, he did the same thing to me,
but he took it farther then i did. he would actually come
to my house without calling first or anything. just to see
if i had other boys over at my house. i really feel
that our realtionship is going down the tubes, i dont think
there will be much more of it. i mean its hard enough we
dont go to the same schools.. and we dont see each other
that much anymore.. man i just dont know what to do.. i
guess just take every day one step at a time..