Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-01-08 22:53:22 (UTC)

State Of Play As It Stands.

I have a 3,000 word essay to do to send tomorrow
afternoon, of which 2,800 words are finished, but I'll end
up chopping and editing - language change isn't the smooth
and meaningful curves I wanted, so the essay's a bit
disjointed. I'm gonna have to get up early to sort it.

I've got a stack of R.E.M. CDs half a cubit high next to
me (Ripping B-Sides, so as I don't have to take as many to
Norwich with me) and I've spent all day veering between
Radiohead & Bugsy Malone. Jeez, that messes with your
head, and no mistake.

Oh, you don't mean generally.

Well, Maths fans, I'm coming into my final semester for my
BA, (hopefully to go on to do an MA - I'll find out over
the next two weeks, marks and all - that explains the
nerves I've got...I feel awful, but not like I've done
anything wrong - guilt, they call that one...) and I go
back to my second home/first home (delete as you find less
offensive. Its easier living here, but more fun down
there - jokes a-plenty). So I'm a little scared, but I
know I should be alright. I just don't want my last piece
of work to be have a bad mark, that'd kill me. I spent so
long on it - 20,000 words cut down to 5,000. Labour of
love it was, and I was really proud.

I don't think anything's changed big time within my life,
except I can play DVDs, and am gradually growing more
(Yes, more...I found myself staring at a Sinead O'Connor
cover the other day, thinking "How nice would that picture
of her look on a wall?") attracted to short-haired ladies.
I'm recovered fully, now, from the debacle that
was 'delete everything on your damned computer' week last
summer - if only I could record the version of Lizzie by
Almoe properly.

I don't think I've seen any T.V. for about 3 weeks now
except a lot of Frasier, a TVMovie about 'The Final
Solution' (Conspiracy...wait...I'm gonna be good
here.... - think the
plans to eliminate the Jewish race from Europe in WWII,
and a couple of football matches - Steelers/Browns
highlights, too. Oh, and a couple of Family Guys.

I could do with a good night's sleep, too, but I'm too
uptight for that at the moment, and I feel like a pianist
now, cos the keyboards sealed in, so I can't move my
hands, and all the work's being done by my fingers. Its
kinda wierd, but not too odd.

Anyway...I ought to get back to listening to that double
Mr Fox album I got yesterday. Bloody good it is too. You
don't get folk music like that any more. A good thing I
hear you say. Yadda yadda yadda. You fill your bag and
I'll fill mine.

Where was I reading the other day about that guy who goes
out detonating land-mines for a living. Well, detonating
land-mines and collecting aluminium that he sells for a
living. 6 land-mines a day. Doesn't sound a lot does it?
Think of what 1 of those bad-boys can do. Nasty things
they are....shame there's so many about.

Oh, and we've got snow. Not a lot, and its
frozen/compacted, so the roads are just like an ice rink,
but that's no change. Well, it is a change, but the
driving of people hasn't done.


WILT? One - U2...I need a better copy of this song. One I
can play on full volume...I still love it....has Bono ever
written a better song? (No. I don't think he has).