chronicles for the clinicly insane
2003-01-08 22:28:04 (UTC)

Purple Kawasaki

Though im sure but a select few people will get the
joke of the title, it doesnt matter, because it has nothing
to do with me. It has everything to do with weird shit
that I hear. No I dont hear voices in my head telling me
to kill the president, or to shove my dick in a jeep, both
of which I have done or am planning to do at some point but
those are my ideas and those goddamned hippy peace and love
sandle wearin bastard assed donky rapping son-of-a-two-
dollar-cum-suckin bitch voices will ever get credit for
them. EVER!!!

At any rate today was as it always is. It leaves you
hoping tomorrow will be better but its never as good as
yesterday. Which makes everyday the single worst day of
your life.
First things first, Guilt sucks. It is only the guilt I
would feel for leaving my semi disabled mother and
wheelchair bound aunt at home that prevents my further
adventures with my afformentioned, affeminately named mush-
headed companion. Now I usually deal well with my
emotions, guilt especially, except when weed is envolved.
Enough weed can make me break down faster than the jittery
weak-willed crack mongering co-conspiritor to a double rape-
murder-satanic-homicide to which he claims to be just an
innocent victim of of his upbringing. Therefore i decided
to pass on todays fun.

At school welllll lets just say i exposed more than raw
emotion and will to learn to my teachers and classmates.
Right about ten minutes into first period i placed my hand
noncellantly in my lap. I had noticed a draft and wanted
to make sure the cage was securly cloesed... It was but
there was a gaping hole in the side. I magine if you will
a rather rotund five foot ten kid who looks remarkebly like
Doogie Howser with a hole the approximate size of nantucket
in his crotch. Nevertheless I was determined to enjoy
myself. I would find an unsuspecting victim and strike up
an interesting conversation and then while gesticulating an
important point would swing my loin area gently in their
direction just enough till I was sure they noticed, then
ask what they were looking at. 2 people said "nothing" two
vomitted 3 shared with me my fashion folly and im pretty
sure this one guy fired a shot.

All of this was remarkably fun untill spanish class when at
the end, Jeremy Barker, who is just another on a long list
of people whom the world at large, or at least me, would
benefit from having them taken into a field and having a
few rounds of high calibur ammuntion nestled in their
craniums. But, I digress, this fool was disturbing my oh so
interesting spanish class, which normally would not bother
me if he had not turned his sight to me. He felt it
necessary to placec his hands on people. of course when he
came to my I quickly grabbed his fingers firmly in my hand
twisted his arm behind his back and calmy suggested he
cease before I remove his digits to my hearts content. All
while sitting in my desk.

Well I guess thats enough for today, more to come from me
as always eternally yours in trust and through storm

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