my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-01-08 22:19:26 (UTC)


ok so today totally blew!!! i spent the night at amrias
last night and got totaly fucked up i couldent even move i
was so retarded. i was great untill i had to get up
thismorning and i was still exausted and didnt feel like
moving. then i got to school jason didnt tell amy that she
didnt need to pick me up and they were in the drive way
for like 10 min i guess. i fucking told him last night
when i was talking to him and i guess he didnt remeber
that part. good fucking god. then i went to art it was
fun i guess and lunch was so good noodles wohoooo!! and i
had to wedge clay in art and it smelt like ass and it was
nasty. and then i didnt want to be in economics but yeah i
had to go so......... she mad us do so much work it is
fucking insain! i really need a guy in my life right now
but it seems that none of then have a real interest
so..... i am stuck once again by my self. i hate it i want
someone to be with. i am really lonley and it is not
cool/. i cleaned up the house b/c i knew i wasent gonna
wanna do it anyother time so i did it today. yeah then i
picked up my room and now i am on-line taling to rich,
casey, and joey....... rich is cheering me up punkster417:
ur looks for 1 are a deffinite turn on and it is so
fricken cool hangen with you, your just so awsome to talk
to and stuff. i love that kid!!!!! ok so yeah i trhink i
am going to go get in the shower then do some homework so

plz tell me what is taking place b/c i cant seem to find a
trace, guess it must have got erased some how.... im
searching for the words in side my head..... im feeling
nevouse tring to be so perfict. cuz i know your worth worth it.... if i could say what i wanna say...
id say i wanna blow you away, be with you every night, am
i squezzing you to tight?,if i could say what i wanna see,
i wanna see you go down on one knee, merry me today, yes
im wishing my life away with theses things ill never say.

mood: depressed

omk so i talked to jason and rich about everyhting that was on my
mind and i feel a whole lot better. thank god b/c i really needed
someone to talk to. ok so my sis ter just called me and she is
leaving for there hunnymoon tomarrow morning and she just wanted to
say bye b/f she left. ok and my mom didnt call again thank god b/c i
really didnt wantt to talk to her. nowi am sitting here being bored
and watching will and grace.


SpoiledLP17: oh guess what
SpoiledLP17: matt isnt moving
BiaTeamLdr: what
BiaTeamLdr: i know
SpoiledLP17: wohooo
BiaTeamLdr: dammit the crazieness has started now instead of
everyone telling me he is moving when i already knew theyll be
telling me hes not lol
BiaTeamLdr: he came to me and casey first
BiaTeamLdr: noone realizes that
SpoiledLP17: i knew befor you did
SpoiledLP17: lol
BiaTeamLdr: what the hell
BiaTeamLdr: no you didnt
SpoiledLP17: b/c i asked him if he had told you or not yet and he
sain no
SpoiledLP17: yes i did
BiaTeamLdr: i talked to him mad long ago
BiaTeamLdr: like right after you left before
SpoiledLP17: ok
BiaTeamLdr: i duno who cares
SpoiledLP17: i belive you
BiaTeamLdr: lol it dont make a difference
SpoiledLP17: LOL
BiaTeamLdr: you think you could take me? lol

ok so john was just up here and i really dont think that he gets the
clue about us just being friends. it is kinda pissing me off but
what ever i can understand that it is hard for him. i am upset again
and i dont want to be. but what ever i need to let it go. i just
watched austin powers and now the news is on. guess what. josh
sweeny got arrested for shooting b-b guns and flare guns at ppl. omg
i cannot belive thati used to be obsessed with the kid. it is crazy.
but i think i am gonna go to bed so im out.
watching:the news

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