Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
2001-09-08 14:24:11 (UTC)


I'll probobly not hear from Cody before he leaves because I
have to go to my Uncle Harrys funeral :(. Maybe he wont
leave tell later on like 4:00 Alicia and I are going out
today amybe an hour or so after the funeral to bad I'm
she's not going now I have to sit with my cousins. This is
going to be either a very interesting day or a very sad day.
I have no balck dresses so right now I'm wearing my
favourite jeans and a sweat shirt to big for me .I look
great! yah great for school. i was going to wear one of my
new dresses but there bright pink and the other one is dark
blue with smiley faces this is going to suck everybodys
going to look at em like I am a loser. Well I got to go eat
breakfeast. I'll write another one later. Bub bye .toodlez