A day in the life....
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2003-01-08 21:36:51 (UTC)

catch up

Hello...i know..i've not written lately..i'm a
slacker..well actually i'm not, i've just been super busy.
After Christmas i met up with Brian at Purdue and travelled
with him and his brother, Craig, to Sandborn. Spent the
evening with his family at home since he had a wedding
rehearsal to attend. Saturday morning was Christmas with
his family and his cousin. Saturday afternoon was spent
around the television with his family 'cause he had to
leave early to prepare for the wedding and photos and
whatnot. Then the wedding was at 6:30 with reception after.
Let me tell ya, he looks Good in a tux! The reception was a
lot of fun with the guys...dancing, singing, talking,
goofing off, and eating. They had a bar there, and we ended
up taking 2 of the guys there home. Then Sleep! Church in
the morning, lunch, take back his tux, home, TV, dinner,
basketball with the guys, home, TV, shower, sleep. Monday
morning was sleep in, wake up, eat breakfast, be bums,
watch TV, pack up, talk to his parents, and eventually
depart to Muncie. When we got back we went to my gramma's
house and then Bowling with my relatives. then we went home
and Sleep! Tues i had to work so he hung with my family and
helped dad change the oil on our vehicles. Then we ate
dinner with my family and grandparents. Visited with them
awhile and then went on to a New Year's Eve party at a
family's from church. Trivial Pursuit and 8-ball! That was
my New Year's...and a kiss to bring it in. :o) I had a lot
of energy and think i was annoying at times..but after 12am
i was exhausted. So it was back home about 1am, and then
watch part of Shrek and go to sleep. Sleep in Wed. wake up
eventually and hang about the house. watch more football
and enjoy the company of Brian. It was nice..but he had to
leave today..he left about 5pm and drove away. We had 6
whole days was interesting and wonderful.
Especially the conversations during the travelling.

Back to School:
Yeah..class is back in session at Ball State...and i've
redone my schedule 4 times now. I don't plan to again. I
have 7 classes: ExSci 301, Group Fitness Instruction,
Electrocardiogram (ekg), Fundamentals of Resistance
Training, Human Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and
Gymnastics Tumbling and Apparatus...yikes. Should be an
interesting sememster and fairly easy i hope with the
exception of EKG, and ExPhys. PRAY FOR ME!
God is Awesome! gotta go!