Mental Threat
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2003-01-08 21:36:51 (UTC)

Entry 1

Date: 1/8/03
Time: 4:28 pm

Hey there...This is my new journal...I just needed a place
to write really. So, I guess this is the part where I tell
you about my day...My day was pretty good actually. Things
are really looking up. I'm so happy. School is going good I
think...My grades can't be bad...But, ya never know...I'm
just gonna do a lot of extra credit I guess..It'll be worth
it. Family and Friend life is pretty good. Good times
lately...Like I said..Things are really looking up. I'm
pretty happy about everything. There's the occasional
bullshit...but i'm finding it a lot easier to blow off ya
know? Well...I guess i'm gonna get going...Pretty good for
a first entry huh? heh...Catch ya on the flip side..

-Mental Threat