random mumblings
2001-09-08 13:53:58 (UTC)

good morning!

morning all! i woke up this morning from the most
fantastic dream ever...but first...the reason i came on
here in the first place was that i was fascinated that
people would share their lives with other people...now i'm
doing the same thing...isn't it ironic/moronic...don't ya
think :) call me sappy, but i like the happy ones better
than the sad ones...the ones where people are falling in
love, waiting for the guy/girl of their dreams...at least i
know i'm not the only one :) lol

so i had the most fantastic dream last night...it was about
her. we were at my parent's old place (coincedentally, a
lot of my recent dreams have been situated at my parent's
old place). and we were doing the same old stuff that we
liked to do...just lying around, watching movies, talking
about nothing and then i went to go take a shower and she
came in, hair done up in a towel. it was fantastic, and i
saw, for the first time, that she still felt the same way
that i did. but for some reason, she tried to stand up on
the edge of it (god knows why). she didn't fall off and
she had a tough time balancing herself but she stayed up
and then i woke up. i think i pictured herself balancing
herself on the edge because i believe that's why things
didn't work out with me and her...she was afraid to commit,
afraid to take a chance...oh god "take a chance on me" just
popped into my head :) Mp3s and quickly! ah the
pumpkins...sweet, sweet pumpkins. anyways, what kind of
fun is a person who is afraid to take a chance? maybe
she's just more "mature" then me...who knows...time will

so, i'm kind of excited and nervous for my brother today.
i've got a twin brother named kirk (yeah i know kirk and
craig...it could've been worse...bob and rob, kevin and
evan, i could go all night ;) and kirk is playing in a
chess tournament in kitchener today. me and kirk have been
playing online chess for about a year now and every once in
a while we go and play some "real" chess. this tournament
is an "active" tournament which means that both players get
30 minutes to make all their moves. it's very fun from
what i've heard. now i was supposed to be there too...sure
i work on saturdays (oh god don't remind me!!!!!!11!!!1!!!)
but it was only one day...and my asshole friend neil was
supposed to go with me, but he bailed about 2 days ago and
i'm pissed off. i hope kirk does well...he's not quite as
good as me (which admittedly isn't saying much) but he's
getting better...i hope he does okay

well i've gotta make some phone calls...i'll be back


KIRK GOT A DRAW!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!11! he drew brian
clarke a 1504 from kitchener...good for him!!! damn i wish i was there

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