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2003-01-08 20:43:03 (UTC)


Today... today i had to come to skewl again. it's like an
a living place of tourchure. alright look i have already
started to complain. im not gonna keep on doing it. Well on
the bright side i woke up this morning!!!!! YES!!!! and i
missed the bus! YEEE HAWWW. i havent caught the bus like
all week and i have had to ride the elementry route. its
kinda funny seeing all those little like 3rd
graders.....thers sooo cute. haha.
Yesterday our tech-ed class went to the okc to view the
bombing memorial. and i got back and everyone in was all
asking me if i had fun. i mean you go to see a place wear a
bunch of people died and they want to know if you had fun.
common ppl! it was really interesting thought to see all
the abstract arts and stuff that symbolized all the things
that happended at the bombing. aite im gonna go now. im
bored. but hey to all my friends that i havent talked to in
a long time (i think you would know who you are...or i
would hope so anyway :/ ) so later all.