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2003-01-08 20:07:01 (UTC)

The day it snowed.....heavily

I can't remember when it snowed so much. Today I was up by
6.30, looked outside and not much was happening. 15 minutes
later it started to sleet and then later it heavily snowed.
I went to the gym again today, I find that once I do my
regime it gets easier and I know that I get better at it. I
was in the gym at around 10am, got out around 12pm. By the
time i got out it the snow was already an inch thick and
the pavement were really slippery. I bought some jewellery
and stuff. Work was cancelled today because of the snow and
that left me at home really doing nothing.
Going to the gym I feel has boosted my self confidence-
mainly knowing that i'm getting better if i keep it up.
It's really fun and I know that I'll will achieve my goal,
eventually. I think I lost a bit of weight but I've yet to
weigh myself properly (I weighed myself and found myself
gaining weight. Later I found out it was due to the amount
of water I have been consuming...:sigh:). Oh well I'll see
you later.